The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Everyone has that one thing that makes them warm or comfortable.  Mine are socks.  I can't go on vacation with out socks.  Until VERY recently I would always make sure to wear shoes that required socks when I flew because my feet get so cold.

My almost 3 yo is the total opposite!  She hates socks.  She takes them off the minute we get in the car. Even her teacher mentioned that she has a hard time convincing her to wear socks.  Weird....  I guess we all have our thing.  I hope she starts to like them because just looking at her bare feet in the winter makes me shiver!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Here we are in December, I wish I could get more motivated to do more.  I feel like running everyday, and then I remember I hate running.  How do people learn to love running?  Everyone says it's all in you mind, so what is the big trick to getting the handle on that?  Any advice?  I feel like after I take care of everyone around me there is nothing left for me... maybe thats why I want to run?

Ready for a change.