The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Everyone has that one thing that makes them warm or comfortable.  Mine are socks.  I can't go on vacation with out socks.  Until VERY recently I would always make sure to wear shoes that required socks when I flew because my feet get so cold.

My almost 3 yo is the total opposite!  She hates socks.  She takes them off the minute we get in the car. Even her teacher mentioned that she has a hard time convincing her to wear socks.  Weird....  I guess we all have our thing.  I hope she starts to like them because just looking at her bare feet in the winter makes me shiver!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Here we are in December, I wish I could get more motivated to do more.  I feel like running everyday, and then I remember I hate running.  How do people learn to love running?  Everyone says it's all in you mind, so what is the big trick to getting the handle on that?  Any advice?  I feel like after I take care of everyone around me there is nothing left for me... maybe thats why I want to run?

Ready for a change.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Change will do you good!

Ok Fans!

As always... it's been forever!  So let's just go over the new stuff!

New Sister, brother got married!
Little Sister moved to Austin with Husband!
New Job!  THANK GOD!!!!
Working From home! Awesome!
Playing in 3 fantasy football leagues!
Daughter potty trained!

So in the spirit of change I am going through my house and deciding that I need more change!  So I am going to paint my family room and kitchen, re-finish the kitchen cabinets and hope and pray for new counter tops sometime next year!

I also want to move all the furniture, its drives my hubs crazy, but... I love to move it!  It feels so fresh and new when you re-arragne your life.  When I was younger I remember going through all kinds of life re-arrangements,  perhaps this is why I can't sit in the same place for too long.  Here's the breakdown...
Went to pre-school, then went to kindergarden & 1st grade at New Haven (I think!)  then Neil Haffley Elementary for 2nd grade, then St. Anthony's for 3rd-8th grade.  Then my first two years of highschool at East Union.  Then my lovely parents decided to move to TX where I went to Coppell High for my last two years.  Even in college I never went to the same school for more than two years.

So as I write this I begin to realize that my life is just a series of changes.  Even though I have now lived in the same city for 5 1/2 years and in the same house for 3 1/2 the people and circumstances of my life change around me constantly.
We can deal with change in many ways, I deal differently in every situation.  When the people around me change I have a hard time.  But I think I am used to starting over.  Used to making new friends and building new relationships.  But I am tired of that.
I think that I don't know how to sit still because as I go over this I realize nothing in my life has stayed the same for more than 2-5 years at a time.

So here is my new goal.  Appreciate what I have, Love my friends no matter how they change, and embrace the fact that I am lucky to have so many people in my life.  And love the fact that my life is mine and although some change is good, I don't have to make change just because something hasn't changed in a while...


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls Girls Girls

So it is a summer of change for me.  I am spending time reading, learning, taking photos, and hanging out with my family.  I have a sudden urge to do something productive, and inspiring just for me.

The big question is... where do I go from here?  Well I am starting by forming a book club.  Our first book will be "Eat. Pray. Love."  by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I figure this is a great jumping off point to helping me rediscover myself, or should I say discover myself.  So far I can totally relate.  Our group started at work, and is growing by the day as more and more girls find out about it.  Should be great.

I have to admit I have never really been good at having "girlfriends"  They always have an agenda, are picky, take forever to get ready, and can be flaky.  I have always been the type to be ready to go in 15 minutes flat, willing to go out, drink, have fun and kick back at any kind of place.  So you can see why most of my life I have been friends with guys.  They are just easier.  Well, now I feel like its a time to bond with my fellow sisters.  Although we are all so different in many ways we still need each other for that close knit bond only women can have.  So I am reaching out and trying my best to reconnect with my past and present girlfriends.  So far so good.   But the inner leader in me says I have to do more.

So step number two... ALL GIRLS FANTASY FOOTBALL.  Yes, I am connecting my inner tom-boy, to my inner girly-girl.  My hope that all the girls who join, will not only have a blast connecting as a club, but will appreciate the love of a good sport and a fun Sunday afternoon yelling at your team.  My bigger hope, to show how just as we need outlets from life, kids, work, etc.  So do our loving men, and if we can understand it, we will stop being the nagging, women on Sunday who can't stand to have the games on.  So girls, join and be free!  Oh, and there is always the point that football players have great asses!  But, seriously, let's show those men that we do get football, and the more you know, well, let's just say your man will appreciate your knowledge later.

Stay tuned...


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Funny Girl


I know I know, everytime I blog I always say I will write more, well I can't make anymore promises!
So I'll just be around when I can.  It's funny, having a job, a new hobby, and a husband, and a two year wipe me out EVERY day!  weird, I know!

So anyway this past weekend I went to see "Sex and the City 2" (which by the way is awesome if you have kids and can comprehend!)  Then, after the movie I get conned into picking the bar we go to.  This always seems to happen to me. SO is it that my friends know how picky I am or, do they really just not care? food for thought I guess.  BAck to the real story, we end up at Gloria's where we plan to have some wine and or margaritas.  But lo an behold it turns out that on Saturdays this, normally low key El Salvadorian restaurant turns into a MAD salsa club and stays open until 2!  Who knew!  SO we danced the night away... but My friend Leah and I had not had enough... so we stop at another fav spot of mine...  for last call.

Now Leah and I have recently discovered we are in fact EXACTLY the same! so as we are enjoying our last drinks of the night, and of course complaining about our 2 year old daughters, and crazy lives, and jobs, this guy over hears us.  And so he wanders over, and says to me... "hey you are funny! I have been listening to you and was wondering if you do stand up?"
I am like, "well, no not really, although I LOVE microphones!, oh and crowds of people!"

so he says, "I run an open mic night at [sed bar] you should come and do two minutes to see if you like it!"

So of course Leah is like for sure!! Let's go!  SO I practice for this guy, and he is totally laughing (I think)
But at this point I have hit my limit and may have imagined he thought I was a comical genius!  None the less, open mic might was Monday night at 10 pm, and well, laets face it.  That just isn't gonna happen!  :(

So anyway moral of the story... when you happen to be funny at 1:45 am on a given Saturday night and a talent scout thinks you are funny, just go for it its two minutes.  It may be hell, but at least I could have checked it off my list!

Until next time!



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Up and Running!

Here we are folks!  I got a name, ordered business cards and shot my first wedding!  The pics came out great!  It is so thrilling to be in charge of my life!

So here I am staring an adventure I thought I never could.  Even if I can't do it full time, at least I have a creative outlet, and spend what little extra time I have doing something for myself (which, is rare for me!)

And here is my plug, as a start up I need tons of practice and events to go to!  Any ideas are appreciated or if you know anyone who needs pics, feel free to recommend me!

So I know I have been horrible about updating you all on my real life, so I have spent the last few weeks preparing to shoot this wedding, shotting the wedding, reading and practicing my techniques.  My anonymous husband finishes grad school next week, and hopefully then I can log more class hours and practice all around town!

Thanks everyone for listening and giving me the courage to spread my wings and take a chance!  Wish me luck!  and become a fan on facebook!!!

Love YA!!!


Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hello all!

So I know, I know, I totally committed to updating everyone on my crazy life once a week, and I have totally let you down!  Please don't leave me!

It's been a crazy time, Allie turned 2 and in celebration I took off to Lake Tahoe with my best friend and sister... doesn't really seem like the way to win mother of the year, oh well!

So much to talk about today... so first I will start of  by telling you that I was totally stuck on the runway at DFW for 4 hours while waiting to be de-iced (yes in Dallas, crazy I know)  I being the outgoing soul who is constantly looking for new friends, befriended the fun group sitting be hind me on the plane!  As they chanted "we need alcohol"  I knew this was my kind of crowd.  Needless to say once we finally took off, we got free drinks the whole way to SF!  Nice job American Airlines!  I love you!!!

As we chatted away our 9 hour adventure together we began to talk about my photography, and the lady behind me said all of my fruits & veggies were very "sexual"  to which point I started to laugh... until I took a closer look at the lemons you see above.  Yes, that's right, go ahead scroll back up and take another look, BOOBS!  who knew!  So apparently I have a good eye for erotic fruits!  Have I found a calling?  no maybe its just coincidence?  well... I guess we'll see as I develop my photographic eye (no pun intended)

Now with that in mind, I booked a wedding!  so hopefully I won't mess up and artistically make the cake look like some kind of hot mess!

Well, I have more, but alas I must be off... I have 2 parties to attend!  Don't I sound popular?  DOn't get excited, one is for a 2 year old and the other for a 1 year old... maybe I should have just left that at party!   How posh...

Ok I will do my best to get back soon!

until then...


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Party Planning

Happy weekend folks!
So planning a party for my daughter who will be 2 next Saturday!  WOW!
I can't seem to figure out if this takes a lot of planning or if I can wing it.  Every time I think it's easy, I also think of a million things to do:
1. clean house (ouch!  this may take a while!)
2. keep house clean (ouch... this may be tough!)
3. Find as many Hello Kitty things as I can
4.  Make Hello Kitty Cupcakes... looks easy, but something tells me it's not going to be!
5.  Make food, and drinks for people to eat....hmmmm now I just need to figure out what to make!
6.  Make nice weather... anyone have suggestions to will the weather to be nice so I can have the party outside???
7.  Put Husband to work

ok  I could keep going but now that I have lost my audience it seems pointless, but I did get my thoughts together... so thanks!

well I feel like I should be accomplishing a lot today, but I just don't feel like it.  So I think I will do my 20 burpees and go to the park...


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two year old behavior

Well yet another week, today I am home with my sick daughter.  But I must say its not so bad, she is curled up watching a movie, and i get a chance to get all my thoughts out on my blog.

Now i know there are not many subscribers yet (thank you perckle)  but i have been doing a lot of thinking about making more positive changes in my life.  First of all I work in an environment that is not really conducive to helping my stress level.  it is hard to be the bad guy and not help people.  which is why i am on the look out for something new.  I read a great blog the other day which i have posted the link to.  I have to say I couldn't agree more.

"the customer is always right"  has spawned a society of selfish, demanding, ill tempered, and rude people.  face it they don't know about the inner workings of your business so how can they possibly be right all the time.  It's a lame excuse for customers to be demanding and get what they want no matter what the cost to business or face "bad press".  All they have to do is ask for the manager who is not really in charge of anything just a glorifed babysitter of a store, who has to cave into customers needs.

Frankly, I think taking care of your people and not letting them get abused by the lack of consideration of the public, you will have a stronger, more loyal staff.  One who enjoys their work environment and doesn't get caught in the proverbial circle of what the corporation wants you to do and what the customer wants.  its a vicious cycle and frankly if you don't abide by the policy you are reprimanded from above, but if the customer gets upset enough he calls someone above you they inevitably gets what they want.  And then you get reprimanded anyway for not having good customer service.  In fact the more I think about it the more i feel like society acts like my two year old.

Ok well that wasn't very positve, but I feel better... no more ranting about my job, the whole point of this is to move on!  Sorry readers!  Don't leave me!

On the bright side here are some things you can look forward to...

 I am really digging my photography so I will be posting some of my  recent work soon.

so step one... start burpee challenge, today id day 18, and still going strong

step two start blog ... check

step three finish photography website.... in progress

step four... GET A NEW JOB!!!!  this one i need help with...

Ok more to come...

Stay tuned!