The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Change will do you good!

Ok Fans!

As always... it's been forever!  So let's just go over the new stuff!

New Sister, brother got married!
Little Sister moved to Austin with Husband!
New Job!  THANK GOD!!!!
Working From home! Awesome!
Playing in 3 fantasy football leagues!
Daughter potty trained!

So in the spirit of change I am going through my house and deciding that I need more change!  So I am going to paint my family room and kitchen, re-finish the kitchen cabinets and hope and pray for new counter tops sometime next year!

I also want to move all the furniture, its drives my hubs crazy, but... I love to move it!  It feels so fresh and new when you re-arragne your life.  When I was younger I remember going through all kinds of life re-arrangements,  perhaps this is why I can't sit in the same place for too long.  Here's the breakdown...
Went to pre-school, then went to kindergarden & 1st grade at New Haven (I think!)  then Neil Haffley Elementary for 2nd grade, then St. Anthony's for 3rd-8th grade.  Then my first two years of highschool at East Union.  Then my lovely parents decided to move to TX where I went to Coppell High for my last two years.  Even in college I never went to the same school for more than two years.

So as I write this I begin to realize that my life is just a series of changes.  Even though I have now lived in the same city for 5 1/2 years and in the same house for 3 1/2 the people and circumstances of my life change around me constantly.
We can deal with change in many ways, I deal differently in every situation.  When the people around me change I have a hard time.  But I think I am used to starting over.  Used to making new friends and building new relationships.  But I am tired of that.
I think that I don't know how to sit still because as I go over this I realize nothing in my life has stayed the same for more than 2-5 years at a time.

So here is my new goal.  Appreciate what I have, Love my friends no matter how they change, and embrace the fact that I am lucky to have so many people in my life.  And love the fact that my life is mine and although some change is good, I don't have to make change just because something hasn't changed in a while...



  1. Hi Carrie, I think you are very positive. I like that. I hope we can be blog buddies ~ Valyaa

  2. One thing in your life that hasn't changed is your Father's love for you, my daughter.

  3. I often moved too and now I am a student at University and getting sick to be all the time at the same place.

    xo lala