The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am going to go Kick Ariel Around A Bit

So I may be crazy,

I am blogging two days in a row... WHAT?  Yes I have had this funny feeling of optimism for the last few days.  I don't know what's gotten into me!  But I like it.

I actually went for a walk/run yesterday afternoon, I blogged, I was productive at work, cooked dinner, kicked the soccer ball with my daughter.  Which may have been my most fun activity.  So the story is I bought my daughter a soccer ball at Old Navy.  It is lavender with purple accents and peace signs.  Very appropriate for a 3 year old.  But here's the kicker (pun intended!)  She named the soccer ball, Ariel!  So I crack myself up asking her if she wants to go outside and kick Ariel around.  It's sweet!

So here is my advice, get a ball, give it an amusing name, and anytime you have a rough day, you can just say.. "I'll be outside kicking Bob around"  And you will get many odd looks, but it is hilarious!

Now go relieve that stress! If you need me I'll be out back giving Ariel a swift kick in the ASS!

The Squish

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drive Way Happy Hour

So my friends,

After living in my house for 4 years, I have finally become friends with some of our neighbors.  It has been great!  We've exchanged babysitting, and had a BBQ, and a birthday party or two.  But I write today to tell you about maybe the best thing to happen on my street in years!  Drive Way Happy Hour.

Although I can not take credit for the name (way to go Regina!)  It is pure awesome!  We get home from work.  Well the neighbors and my husband get home from work, I come downstairs from my office. And if it's nice we grab the lawn chairs, a drink of choice (it's always beer).  And let the kids play!

It's so great.  I love being a Mom but in reality, I miss that after work happy hour while you de-tox from work, but get a little drink on!  We hardly discuss, work, but I tell you what it is the best happy hour in town!  I encourage all of you to start this in your own hoods!


The C

Monday, March 7, 2011

Squishtini: What Vacation?!?!?!?

Squishtini: What Vacation?!?!?!?

What Vacation?!?!?!?

So this is the first year in my entire adult life that I have no "me vacation" plans.  I always take a "me" vacation.  Go hang with my bffs, go away, pretend to not have a responsible side and go a little crazy. (ok really crazy)  For example, last year I escaped to Lake Tahoe with my bff and two of my sisters.  SPent about 7 hours drinking white russians and playing blackjack.  Then went to a hot tub party where I got crazy drunk on mimosas and 100 proof peppermint schnapps.  Threw up over the side of sed hot tub. (I have only thrown up about 5 times in my entire life so it's a really BIG deal)  oh yeah, then I went to bed, thinking I was at home in my Queen size bed only to roll over, fall on top of the pan for puke because I was in a twin size bed.   Couldn't get up and had to be picked up and put back to bed by my Mom's best friend's husband.  You should have seen the bruise!  Wish I had a pic!

Well, this this year it's already March and I HAVE NO PLANS!  I don't know who I am anymore?  I would rather spend money on my house than extravagant vacation? What?!?!?!?!  And the one vacation I do have planned is a family vacation.  Oh shit!  I am really an adult?  God, I hope not.

I think usually I hate my job so much that I have to plan out my whole year so I have something to look forward to.  Well, not this year, I am loving my job. (ok, well, not loving, but REALLY liking)  SO I guess I am not trying to escape a crazy boss or meeting, or anything to do with work.

But let's stay on topic.  I have got to plan something!  Need ideas!  Oh and fun people to go with!

Let the comments roll!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My three favorite things of the day

Howdy Kids,

I am just blogging to say I always hated Pandora, and she never played my songs, but today, friends, she played ALL the good songs!  So that is my first favorite thing today.

Number 2, I made a perfect pot of coffee this morning.  Although I actually worked at starbucks, and in a professional kitchen I usually hate my own coffee.  Maybe it just always tastes better when someone makes it for you... who the fuck knows! But today it was, perfection.

And thridly, I get to go shopping at one of may favorite shops tonight with my sisters!  And they will be serving free Champagne and Appetizer.  What could be better?  I am not sure.  It is rare that all these things could happen in one day, but today they did. And I am HAPPY!!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ask me anything

What is your favorite drink to have on the beach?

What is your favorite drink to have on the beach?

Answer here

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cookies: Nuts or no nuts??

Cookies: Nuts or no nuts??

Answer here

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


For those of you who read my FB or twitter, or emails, letters, texts, etc, you know that I use what I call excessive exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

But while most people may constitute the "!" as yelling, I am merely showing my excitement for whatever I have just said.  For any of you lucky people who know me in the real world, I am loud, and crazy, and if I could use some sort of verbal "!" I most certainly would!

So for all of you twits at work who take me emails as rude, yelling rants... GET OVER IT!  I love to be excited!  And I have the right!!!

Now to address all of the grammar freaks who I will get nasty grams from... I like exclamation!  and I really don't care if I am using it properly or not, for christ sake, this is the interweb!  Just make sure you use you're and your properly and we won't have any problems!!! (That was yelling!)

Alrighty folks... Until next time stay excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011



And welcome back!  After a long weekend of re-finishing my kitchen cabinets I should be exhausted but have great energy today!   I can't believe what I am capable of doing!  It is awesome. It makes me think I can do anything!

Now I have to plan a birthday party for my soon to be 3 year old.  I have to put my entire kitchen back together, make about 50 cupcakes, party favors, clean, get ready for house guests, and god knows what else will come up before Thursday!  Ok remember that energy I mentioned, I need about a triple dose.

I think my next blog post will about the insane number of exclamation points I use daily!!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I say SUCK IT!

Ok few followers!  You should know how precious you are to be the first of may followers (I hope!)

I am starting today out with some words of wisdom!  I'd like to say SUCK IT to all of the people who have done a lovely job of f**king me over in my life.  Although you have been deleted, and no longer have the privilege of being in my life,  you somehow manage to get in my head... GET OUT!

I am taking my feelings back and not letting myself get stomped on any longer!  If you care not to agree with me that is ok.  I feel that when some one burns you, you don't have to let them be in your life.  Although you may forgive them along the way, that doesn't mean, you have to talk to them again, EVER.  My husband does not understand this...

I take my friendships very seriously, and through all my life my trust has been abused by various people.  So when I find those I can relate to and get close to, I sometimes sabotage it and find reasons to be upset with people.  Often with little or no reason, except I guess it is my defense mechanism.  But I am tired of being riddled with guilt!  I have too much going for me!  So here I am starting anew, and just going to enjoy my friends and enjoy my life... YAY!

And I'd like to thank my fellow tweeters for reading this and accepting me for me, no matter what I may say or how crazy I may get.  Thanks for the words of encouragement yesterday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So it's been a slow week, I have to say that coming up with things to blog about is hard!  Well, ok its not hard, but I find I hold myself back from myself because I don't want to offend anyone. Well, this STOPS NOW!  The whole reason I started this blog was to get my feelings, thoughts, and crazy mind out there.

So here it is...  If you want to follow me great, if you want to slam me, great.  If you want to agree with me... bring it!  But most of all I will stop hiding behind myself, and start being honest with you and me!

So for all of you church goers, politicians, Mommy do-gooders, stay-at-homers, working Moms, Dads, vegetarians, work out buffs, healthy eaters, runners, sitters, chefs, bloggers, tweeters, environmentalists, photographers, and basically any genre I have missed considered yourself included.  You may love what I have to say, or despise it, but regardless of your views, I am still gonna say it!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun, Fear, and New Babies

So it is 2011, and my hubs and I made a pact to start for number 2!  Wow!  That past year went fast!  But I had blast, traveling with girlfriends, watching my brother get married, road trip from Chicago to Austin to help my sister move.   Awesome New Orleans trip with hubs.  So now it is time to get down to business.  Step number one, had my IUD taken out yesterday!  Let the fun begin!

Part of me is super excited, the other part, scared.  First pregnancy was not so easy, but hey no gallbladder to worry about this time.  I keep trying to remember what it was like to have a big round belly, and its just not coming back to me. Which I guess is good, and why mother nature erases all the bad stuff from our minds.  What a tricky lady!

So here I begin my journey.  Last time it happened right away, who knows what will be this time...  Here we go!