The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


For those of you who read my FB or twitter, or emails, letters, texts, etc, you know that I use what I call excessive exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

But while most people may constitute the "!" as yelling, I am merely showing my excitement for whatever I have just said.  For any of you lucky people who know me in the real world, I am loud, and crazy, and if I could use some sort of verbal "!" I most certainly would!

So for all of you twits at work who take me emails as rude, yelling rants... GET OVER IT!  I love to be excited!  And I have the right!!!

Now to address all of the grammar freaks who I will get nasty grams from... I like exclamation!  and I really don't care if I am using it properly or not, for christ sake, this is the interweb!  Just make sure you use you're and your properly and we won't have any problems!!! (That was yelling!)

Alrighty folks... Until next time stay excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I too am guilty of being overly exuberant and using exclamation points almost methodically at the end of most sentences:) I too am a LOUD person in real life, so if people want to think I'm yelling..fuck it! I probably am! That being said,I actually teach grammar and English writing for my real job but I don't care.Just because I play the grammar police in real life doesn't mean I don't habitually break the rules on twitter and FB:) So use your "!" all you want...I think the enthusiasm is AWESOME!!!!!!!Happy Friday