The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I say SUCK IT!

Ok few followers!  You should know how precious you are to be the first of may followers (I hope!)

I am starting today out with some words of wisdom!  I'd like to say SUCK IT to all of the people who have done a lovely job of f**king me over in my life.  Although you have been deleted, and no longer have the privilege of being in my life,  you somehow manage to get in my head... GET OUT!

I am taking my feelings back and not letting myself get stomped on any longer!  If you care not to agree with me that is ok.  I feel that when some one burns you, you don't have to let them be in your life.  Although you may forgive them along the way, that doesn't mean, you have to talk to them again, EVER.  My husband does not understand this...

I take my friendships very seriously, and through all my life my trust has been abused by various people.  So when I find those I can relate to and get close to, I sometimes sabotage it and find reasons to be upset with people.  Often with little or no reason, except I guess it is my defense mechanism.  But I am tired of being riddled with guilt!  I have too much going for me!  So here I am starting anew, and just going to enjoy my friends and enjoy my life... YAY!

And I'd like to thank my fellow tweeters for reading this and accepting me for me, no matter what I may say or how crazy I may get.  Thanks for the words of encouragement yesterday!

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