The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Monday, March 7, 2011

What Vacation?!?!?!?

So this is the first year in my entire adult life that I have no "me vacation" plans.  I always take a "me" vacation.  Go hang with my bffs, go away, pretend to not have a responsible side and go a little crazy. (ok really crazy)  For example, last year I escaped to Lake Tahoe with my bff and two of my sisters.  SPent about 7 hours drinking white russians and playing blackjack.  Then went to a hot tub party where I got crazy drunk on mimosas and 100 proof peppermint schnapps.  Threw up over the side of sed hot tub. (I have only thrown up about 5 times in my entire life so it's a really BIG deal)  oh yeah, then I went to bed, thinking I was at home in my Queen size bed only to roll over, fall on top of the pan for puke because I was in a twin size bed.   Couldn't get up and had to be picked up and put back to bed by my Mom's best friend's husband.  You should have seen the bruise!  Wish I had a pic!

Well, this this year it's already March and I HAVE NO PLANS!  I don't know who I am anymore?  I would rather spend money on my house than extravagant vacation? What?!?!?!?!  And the one vacation I do have planned is a family vacation.  Oh shit!  I am really an adult?  God, I hope not.

I think usually I hate my job so much that I have to plan out my whole year so I have something to look forward to.  Well, not this year, I am loving my job. (ok, well, not loving, but REALLY liking)  SO I guess I am not trying to escape a crazy boss or meeting, or anything to do with work.

But let's stay on topic.  I have got to plan something!  Need ideas!  Oh and fun people to go with!

Let the comments roll!!!!

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