The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drive Way Happy Hour

So my friends,

After living in my house for 4 years, I have finally become friends with some of our neighbors.  It has been great!  We've exchanged babysitting, and had a BBQ, and a birthday party or two.  But I write today to tell you about maybe the best thing to happen on my street in years!  Drive Way Happy Hour.

Although I can not take credit for the name (way to go Regina!)  It is pure awesome!  We get home from work.  Well the neighbors and my husband get home from work, I come downstairs from my office. And if it's nice we grab the lawn chairs, a drink of choice (it's always beer).  And let the kids play!

It's so great.  I love being a Mom but in reality, I miss that after work happy hour while you de-tox from work, but get a little drink on!  We hardly discuss, work, but I tell you what it is the best happy hour in town!  I encourage all of you to start this in your own hoods!


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