The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls Girls Girls

So it is a summer of change for me.  I am spending time reading, learning, taking photos, and hanging out with my family.  I have a sudden urge to do something productive, and inspiring just for me.

The big question is... where do I go from here?  Well I am starting by forming a book club.  Our first book will be "Eat. Pray. Love."  by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I figure this is a great jumping off point to helping me rediscover myself, or should I say discover myself.  So far I can totally relate.  Our group started at work, and is growing by the day as more and more girls find out about it.  Should be great.

I have to admit I have never really been good at having "girlfriends"  They always have an agenda, are picky, take forever to get ready, and can be flaky.  I have always been the type to be ready to go in 15 minutes flat, willing to go out, drink, have fun and kick back at any kind of place.  So you can see why most of my life I have been friends with guys.  They are just easier.  Well, now I feel like its a time to bond with my fellow sisters.  Although we are all so different in many ways we still need each other for that close knit bond only women can have.  So I am reaching out and trying my best to reconnect with my past and present girlfriends.  So far so good.   But the inner leader in me says I have to do more.

So step number two... ALL GIRLS FANTASY FOOTBALL.  Yes, I am connecting my inner tom-boy, to my inner girly-girl.  My hope that all the girls who join, will not only have a blast connecting as a club, but will appreciate the love of a good sport and a fun Sunday afternoon yelling at your team.  My bigger hope, to show how just as we need outlets from life, kids, work, etc.  So do our loving men, and if we can understand it, we will stop being the nagging, women on Sunday who can't stand to have the games on.  So girls, join and be free!  Oh, and there is always the point that football players have great asses!  But, seriously, let's show those men that we do get football, and the more you know, well, let's just say your man will appreciate your knowledge later.

Stay tuned...


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