The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hello all!

So I know, I know, I totally committed to updating everyone on my crazy life once a week, and I have totally let you down!  Please don't leave me!

It's been a crazy time, Allie turned 2 and in celebration I took off to Lake Tahoe with my best friend and sister... doesn't really seem like the way to win mother of the year, oh well!

So much to talk about today... so first I will start of  by telling you that I was totally stuck on the runway at DFW for 4 hours while waiting to be de-iced (yes in Dallas, crazy I know)  I being the outgoing soul who is constantly looking for new friends, befriended the fun group sitting be hind me on the plane!  As they chanted "we need alcohol"  I knew this was my kind of crowd.  Needless to say once we finally took off, we got free drinks the whole way to SF!  Nice job American Airlines!  I love you!!!

As we chatted away our 9 hour adventure together we began to talk about my photography, and the lady behind me said all of my fruits & veggies were very "sexual"  to which point I started to laugh... until I took a closer look at the lemons you see above.  Yes, that's right, go ahead scroll back up and take another look, BOOBS!  who knew!  So apparently I have a good eye for erotic fruits!  Have I found a calling?  no maybe its just coincidence?  well... I guess we'll see as I develop my photographic eye (no pun intended)

Now with that in mind, I booked a wedding!  so hopefully I won't mess up and artistically make the cake look like some kind of hot mess!

Well, I have more, but alas I must be off... I have 2 parties to attend!  Don't I sound popular?  DOn't get excited, one is for a 2 year old and the other for a 1 year old... maybe I should have just left that at party!   How posh...

Ok I will do my best to get back soon!

until then...


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