The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Up and Running!

Here we are folks!  I got a name, ordered business cards and shot my first wedding!  The pics came out great!  It is so thrilling to be in charge of my life!

So here I am staring an adventure I thought I never could.  Even if I can't do it full time, at least I have a creative outlet, and spend what little extra time I have doing something for myself (which, is rare for me!)

And here is my plug, as a start up I need tons of practice and events to go to!  Any ideas are appreciated or if you know anyone who needs pics, feel free to recommend me!

So I know I have been horrible about updating you all on my real life, so I have spent the last few weeks preparing to shoot this wedding, shotting the wedding, reading and practicing my techniques.  My anonymous husband finishes grad school next week, and hopefully then I can log more class hours and practice all around town!

Thanks everyone for listening and giving me the courage to spread my wings and take a chance!  Wish me luck!  and become a fan on facebook!!!

Love YA!!!


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