The French Quarter

The French Quarter

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Party Planning

Happy weekend folks!
So planning a party for my daughter who will be 2 next Saturday!  WOW!
I can't seem to figure out if this takes a lot of planning or if I can wing it.  Every time I think it's easy, I also think of a million things to do:
1. clean house (ouch!  this may take a while!)
2. keep house clean (ouch... this may be tough!)
3. Find as many Hello Kitty things as I can
4.  Make Hello Kitty Cupcakes... looks easy, but something tells me it's not going to be!
5.  Make food, and drinks for people to eat....hmmmm now I just need to figure out what to make!
6.  Make nice weather... anyone have suggestions to will the weather to be nice so I can have the party outside???
7.  Put Husband to work

ok  I could keep going but now that I have lost my audience it seems pointless, but I did get my thoughts together... so thanks!

well I feel like I should be accomplishing a lot today, but I just don't feel like it.  So I think I will do my 20 burpees and go to the park...



  1. Did a little searching for you and thought this might be helpful in your cupcake adventures:

    Wish I were there to help!

  2. This is the same web-site I found!!! Fun times! Wish you were here!


  3. Seriously, just make some fondant and cut out a Hello Kitty form on wax paper and use it to cut the fondant and then stick some pink frosting on your Funfetti (I assume you're going with Funfetti) cupcakes. Easy as pie... or cupcakes.

    And if by some terrible tragedy it doesn't work out, BOOM! submit it to cakewrecks.